Beautifully Simple Core HR (HRIS)

A comprehensive yet simple-to-use core HR solution offering you real-time visibility into your global team. Core HR fits companies of all sizes – the scalable platform gives you the flexibility to implement the functionality you need now with the ability to grow the system as you grow.


Welcome to the natural evolution of HR software – Hubbub agile HRIS.

  • Provide global visibility into your data while incorporating local variances
  • Better manage organisation changes, mergers and acquisitions
  • Focus on adaptability, accuracy and swiftness in HR service delivery
  • Reduce HRIS implementation time from months and years to days and weeks
  • Significantly reduce reliance on expensive consultants

HR Software Needs to Change. It has to be more responsive, nimble and agile. It has to support innovative and modern HR management that is global, but executed locally. It needs to support strategic decisions, the leadership team has to be able to receive accurate and up-to-date information at any time. HR software has to be able to adapt quickly to the ever evolving needs of today’s business.

Built-in Configuration: The flexibility to adapt Talent to reflect your organisational needs, across the global platform, to all users instantaneously without IT intervention, designed to be managed by HR. Experience greater organisational agility, quicker and easier implementation for big cost savings, enhanced compliance and simple-to-use security. Whether you are looking to replace existing systems or your starting from scratch with data currently in spreadsheets and files, Talent offers you a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to manage people information across the organisation.

Talent Management: Facilitates the full life cycle of the individual from contingent worker to full-time career to retiree or terminated and supports the deployment of people across the organisation in one global platform. 

Data Management: Tracks all data including employment dates, employment types, emergency contacts, family information, training certifications, vacation and leaves, and compensation data such as allowances, premiums, bonuses, salary bands, short and long term incentives, and termination details.

Job Management: Captures a range of job families, groups, types, classifications to support vertical and horizontal groupings across the organisation. Assign Job Descriptions to one or multiple employees.

Expertise Management: Delivers quick, easy access to any individuals qualifications, experience and work history, unlike traditional administrative systems that limit visibility into workforce assets.

Hubbubs Vacation Workflow: Allows people and their managers to request and approve leave requests. The integrated calendar provides visibility into vacation planning. Approved requests automatically update the persons vacation record in the Hubbub HRIS foundation.

Global Assignment & Relocation Management: Supports the development of a global, connected, diverse and mobile workforce – facilitates deployment of people across your organisation while tracking all information related to re-locations, global assignments, visas and work permits.

Document Management: Attach key documents such as offer letters directly within the talent profile. Manage policies and procedures in the document library.

Queries & Reports: Search for and quickly locate individuals with the skills and experience you need for project teams, assignments or to fill a vacancy. Easily produce meaningful reports in PDF or Excel.

Advanced Tools & Functionality: Easily configurable (and reconfigurable) history tracking, required vs. optional fields, email alert notifications, user defined fields and dates, key field names, field level help text, pick list values, multiple languages and currencies, document library, portal/home page, built-in data upload tools and security with custom roles.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus