Performance Management

Performance management which supports the full performance assessment process from goal-setting to performance ratings, bringing flexibility, agility and automated workflow to the people performance review and development process.

The design of Performance is focused on the user first and foremost, increasing people engagement and adoption by emphasising simplicity and flexibility. We have designed the clean and uncluttered interface to provide a highly intuitive, enjoyable and user-friendly experience.

For companies looking to take a simplified and agile approach to people performance and engagement, Hubbub provides configurable templates designed on best practices.

  • Five point scale approach to employee and manager questions to gather performance intelligence
  • Ability to capture this data ad hoc, on project basis, quarterly to fit your needs
  • Capture comments and objectives at check-ins

All types of performance management, from agile to traditional and everything in between, with fully configurable performance plan design.

Hubbub is an agile system to capture employee goals and manager feedback on an ongoing and flexible basis. And one that’s adaptable to help you navigate from a traditional approach to a more contemporary culture of performance engagement. Hubbub helps you design performance plans that will adapt to your global landscape while taking your local program variations into account.

Finally, a performance solution to support your real world business needs now and as your needs evolve over time.

Think about performance management for a bit, employees setting goals once per year then looking at them only when performance review time comes around, is becoming increasingly out of step with the modern workplace.

Companies are looking to transform the traditional performance review cycle into a performance management culture with a focus on agility, development, and transparency.

A shift in focus from appraisal and evaluation done annually, to a focus on development and performance improvement especially when done more frequently can demonstrate significant business results.

Research shows that companies who manage goals quarterly generate 30% higher returns than companies who manage them annually. When companies were asked about their current performance management process, only 8% reported that it drives high levels of value, while 58% said it’s not an effective use of time. (Deloitte’s Total Performance Index).

More Cool Features:

Plan Design: To achieve maximum people engagement easily configure as many different performance plan designs as you desire. Full configuration provides the ability to set up plans, components, pages, ratings scales and vary each to accommodate your requirements across your organisation.

Goal Alignment: Employee goals can be cascaded from and aligned to organisational, business unit and department goals to increase line of sight.

Workflow: Fully configurable workflow steps allow you to adapt workflow to your needs – manager, next level manager, co-manager, all can be included or excluded in the flow as you wish. At each workflow step you can design what happens when that step is initiated, who gets notified, if they can view or edit, and even enable emails to be sent directly to the recipient as a reminder.

Localisation & Languages: Incorporate terminology that your users are familiar with by changing field names to match your process. Multiple languages enable your users to see the system in the language of their choice while allowing them to switch on the fly to another language. We also offer auto translation where fields such as employee or manager comments can be auto translated so users can enter in one language and others can view the translated version.

Simplicity of Use: The highly intuitive interface and easy to follow workflow offers a user friendly experience which increases user adoption and participation in your people performance management process.

End User Experience: The simplicity of a solution can be measured by the amount of end user training required. With easy to use, highly configurable design, customers find that training is minimal. Adapt the system to closely match your business needs thereby making it easy for users to adopt and to ensure maximum engagement.

Fully Integrated: Organic integration with all other modules allows data to flow seamlessly from Talent to Performance and then on to Compensation and other modules if desired. One integrated organisational structure manages the employee and manager relationship and is the basis for access, security, workflow and approvals. If your structure should change, you can make the change in one place and it is instantly available throughout the system.

“Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.”- Edsger Dijkstra