Guide to Choosing Your HR Vendor


Thinking about an HR System, but wondering what type of vendor is the best fit for you? When you select an HR System you are entering into a relationship with the vendor, and just like any relationship you want a vendor that shares your values and understands your needs. Why not start by considering the criteria that is most important to you? We’ve created the “Comprehensive Guide” to help define your priorities and find your best fit.

Three reasons why this powerful guide will help you:

  • ERP or Best of Breed, small or large vendor, it can seem like a complicated decision, but it doesn’t have to be, if you start by first defining what is most important to you. Our guide will help you crystallize your needs.
  • Often HRMS decisions are made reflexively and without consideration of best vendor fit, consequently many companies end up with systems functioning far below their potential and relationships that are less than ideal. Avoid that common pitfall by using our guide to reflect on what matters most to you.
  • You are going to be working together with your HRMS vendor for a while, not only during your implementation but well beyond for support. So why not look for a partnership based on a solid and compatible foundation with a company that shares your values?

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