Global HR Just Got Easy.


“Technology can save us all. Provided it doesn’t kill us first…complexities cost companies* $237 billion per year.”

– Wall Street Journal, October 2014. *Top 100 companies in the US.

Businesses are Underserved by Many Leading Software Vendors.

At a time when businesses need to execute quickly in order to compete, organisations are being slowed down by long implementation times and massive cost overruns. Many vendors suggest 6 to 12 months or more to implement – and traditional ERP implementations often span several years. Today’s organisations need solutions up and running quickly to drive business forward — without the hefty bills from the big consulting firms.

Ode is built with simplicity at its core instead of the baggage of other systems cobbled together through acquisition. 

Is your ability to engage, reward and retain your top people being slowed down by complex, lengthy and expensive HRMS projects?

Excessively long implementation times and cost overruns hold back business transformation. Hubbub deploys comprehensive global Talent Management in days and weeks, not months and years.

Our experienced implementation teams deliver the speed and agility you need, and the service you demand, with clear and precise training and a highly efficient project management approach so you can enjoy the benefits quickly.

“Years of experience with lengthy and overly-complex HR projects – many by the market leading solutions – led to the creation Hubbub. We’ve simplified the complex and helped customers save time and money, while of delivering stress-free customer experiences. Welcome to a sanctuary of simplicity and the end to costly and difficult-to-implement HR software. Period.”

Microsoft Azure PlatformHubbub utilises the Microsoft Azure Cloud HR NOW 16platform providing maximum scalability and affordability to fit your evolving business needs. More than 100 data-centres available around the world. Office365 integrations are also available. 

Full-featured HR & talent management with an innovative enterprise-class solution that businesses of nearly any size can actually use.

For global organisations spanning countries, cultures, and languages, who are dissatisfied with solution providers that care more about the Fortune 100 than growing mid-size organisations.

We’re not one of the impossible-to-use, enormously priced HCM systems that’s delivered late and over budget. We’ve taken a radically new approach — we’ve eliminated the waste built into modern systems and we’re passing the efficiencies and savings back to you.

Built — since day one — to be simple and globally capable, with a highly service-attentive approach that helps you quickly go from implementation to creating value — without the hefty bills from consulting firms.